Princess Charlotte Is Already Worth More Money Than The Rest Of Us Combined

Princess Charlotte Is Already Worth More Money Than The Rest Of Us Combined

That includes her brother, Prince George. Yes, REALLY

Forget the Kate Middleton effect, it’s her daughter Princess Charlotte who we need to keep an eye on from here on out.

After her older brother, the undisputed king of the pinchable cheek, Prince George, sent sales of Crocs shoes through the roof after he was spotted larking around in a pair as he watched his father, Prince William, storm a polo match, it’s since been predicted that baby Charlotte’s influence on the public will mirror that of her sibling. However, she’s already expected to leave the super-cute Prince in the dust when it comes to our country’s profitability.

Monetary enterprise Brand Finance predicts that the 4-month-old tot will bring in almost $5 billion (that’s £3.25 BILLION in GBP) to the British economy, compared to George's $3.6 billion, even though she's only been outside twice.

Speaking to CNN, Brand Finance’s CEO David Haigh said: ‘The unofficial endorsement of Charlotte, George and Kate in particular has a profound financial effect running into millions annually.’

Of course, this isn’t the first time Charlotte has helped the sales of British commodities spike beyond belief, on a very global scale. When she, her mother, and her father made their first official appearance after Kate gave birth to their little girl (on the same day, we might add), the sales of the £68 knitted shawl she was draped in went cray cray, and the company, G H Hurt and Son in Nottingham, are still struggling to keep up with the influx of orders a few months on. Not that they’re complaining, mind.

Kate Middleton has had her fair share of sell-outs to boot. A lover of the Great British high street, any item she wears automatically turns to sold. Yep, we’re still kicking ourselves for not getting our hands on THAT Zara dress when we had the chance… And, as she plans on getting back to her royal duties as soon as next week, we can guarantee the ‘Kate effect’ will be back in full swing.

Soz, Princess Charlotte, but we’re going to be watching every outfit you wear, every toy you play with and, well, basically anything you should happen to glance at, for the rest of your life. No pressure, then...

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