Don’t Expect To See Princess Charlotte In A Dress Anytime Soon...

Don’t Expect To See Princess Charlotte In A Dress Anytime Soon...

The royal tot’s (unofficial) dresser has told us exactly what we can expect from Princess Charlotte’s wardrobe in the next year

Correct us if we’re wrong but one of the major perks of having a kid or a baby is that you get to dress them up in some of the sweetest clothes imaginable. Don’t get us wrong, spending time with them is GREAT, but nothing compares to those tiny pairs Converse shoes and those adorable frilly dresses in minuscule sizes.

However, one tot you won’t see dressed up in girly frocks is Britain’s very own royal baba Princess Charlotte. According to one palace insider, it’s unlikely the baby girl will be seen in a dress until after her first birthday! And here’s why…

‘Because they're a traditional family, I'm sure that she'll wear babysuits for the first year, and then only when she's walking will she then move into dresses,’​ revealed Rachel Riley, Kate Middleton's favourite children's wear designer. ‘Even in terms of separates, I don't think she'll be wearing [them] until much later.’

So, there you have it - it looks like tradition means more to Kate and Prince William than dressing their daughter in Baby GAP. Each to their own, we guess…

Regardless of her current fashion status, if her eventual wardrobe turns out to be anything like her brother Prince George’s, we reckon they’ll be plenty of stellar looks for her to try out come her first birthday.

Here are just some of the outfits we can’t wait to see her in:

The obligatory sailor dress
Who knew our ‘80s mums were on to such a HUGE trend #AheadOfTheTimes

The cashmere cardi and tulle tutu combo
Monsoon’s finest strikes again

Denim dungarees with a broderie anglaise blouse
Extra style points for styling it up with dolly shoes

Floral leggings and a longline tee
Ok, so we’ll probably never see HRH in this get-up, but we’re sure she’ll be ripping around Buckingham Palace in this comfy combo in no time…

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