Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Royal baby world plans revealed!

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Royal baby world plans revealed!

As Kate Middleton and Prince William’s due date looms closer we take a look at how the world is set to celebrate the Royal birth…

It has been confirmed by Buckingham Palace that the arrival of Kate Middleton and Prince William’s Royal baby will be announced in the traditional way – with an easel display in front of the palace, just as William’s birth was announced 31 years ago. A 41-gun royal salute will also be fired out from Hyde Park to mark the occasion. But how will are the rest of the world celebrate the new arrival?


It’s no secret that America is a huge fan of the young Royal couple; over 30 million of them watched their Royal wedding in 2011 and when the new baby arrives there will surly be parties popping up all over the 50 states. The celebrations have even started early in some locations with New Jersey marking the occasion by hosting an outdoor party with an actress playing the part of the pregnant Duchess!

It has also been reported that the Canadians, who are also keen monarch enthusiasts and huge fans of Kate Middleton's, will commemorate the birth by lighting up the world famous Niagara Falls with either pink or blue lights depending on the sex of the Royal baby.


Australians are also taking a keen interest with many planning to travel to the UK themselves to welcome Will and Kate's new arrival. Phil Hoffman Travel Agency has seen a reported 80 per cent increase in bookings to London that coincide with the Duchess Of Cambridge's due date.

After the celebrations and street parties that we saw for the Royal wedding in 2011 Royal enthusiasm is it an all time high and when the Royal baby arrives we expect nothing less than a carnival atmosphere all over again!

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