10 Reasons Why Prince Harry Is Total Hotness

10 Reasons Why Prince Harry Is Total Hotness


We couldn't help thinking - ever - just how dreamy the fifth-in-line-to-the-throne really is. 

Have you seen his pictures from the Caribbean? From dancing to watching baby turtles get to the sea, they've been pretty incredible.

*sigh* Lucky Meghan Markle.

Still, he’s taken the attention in his good-humoured stride – and we crush on him for it. The boy is clearly a lovely lad and a lot of fun. And standing at a strapping 6ft 2in, he’s all man. Here are some other reasons why, yes, we would.

1. He likes to have a laugh.

2. He would make a GREAT dad. (Swoon - so great with children.)

3. He's not afraid to show off his dance moves (however dubious they might be), and we love a man who's always up for hitting the dance floor. 

4. He looks GREAT on horseback (and, frankly speaking, any chap who can effortlessly take command of a powerful Polo horse has us at the first hurdle.)

5. He pulls faces like this to babies when out on meet and greets.

6. He likes to makes his Gran laugh.

7. He’s not afraid to muck in.

8. He’s a dog lover

9. And his sister-in-law loves him.

10. And he's handsome. Innit?




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