Prince George Has Been Taking Fashion Tips From An Unexpected Style Icon...

Prince George Has Been Taking Fashion Tips From An Unexpected Style Icon...

Prince George has been sporting some adorable outfits lately, and it looks like he’s been taking some style tips from Daddy, Prince William. George’s outfits might not be royal hand-me-downs, but they’re pretty much identical. Get ready for some serious cuteness

Prince George isn’t even two years old, but he’s already a style icon in the world of baby fashion. Just like Mummy Kate Middleton, anything George wears sells out immediately, with parents desperate to have their own little cherubs kitted out in clothes with the royal seal of approval. Even the Crocs he wore for the Polo were an instant hit and sold out across the country.

George’s signature style actually takes inspiration from someone pretty close to home – no, not Mummy’s classic chic, but Daddy Prince William’s own childhood outfits. Most of George’s public appearances have seen the little royal wear something incredibly similar, if not identical, to William’s own rompers back in the 1980s. Cute! 

Most recently, George spruced up for sister Charlotte’s christening at the weekend in a pair of red shorts, an embroidered white shirt, white socks and black shoes. The look was almost an exact replica of the same outfit William wore to meet Prince Harry for the first time, right down to the side parting. George’s outfit was actually by Rachel Riley and costs £85, but you better get a move on as the item is unsurprisingly close to selling out.

Back in June, George wore a sweet baby-blue romper with white ruffles on the collar and cuffs to celebrate the Queen’s birthday. Aside from the pastel blue shoes, George wore exactly the same outfit as William sported in 1984, with pictures of the new big brother waving, smiling and pointing just like his father did 30 years ago. Now that’s one for the family album!

George’s off-duty look is just as copied as his more formal outfits - K Mid would never let her son look anything less than perfectly put-together, even if it is just to play in the park. George rocks a shirt and shorts for casual days (blue seems to be the family favourite colour), just like his Dad did when he was younger. In fact, George and William have even worn the same outfit on the same day – did someone say #twinning? 

George was already looking to Dad Wills for outfit inspiration at eight months old, when he wore a white romper embroidered with little blue sailboats from Rachel Riley. The blue embroidery matched an outfit worn by William in 1983, cuddling up to Diana. George wore the look in Sydney, keeping cool in the heat with those roomy shorts.

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