Prince George Is *Basically* Responsible For The New Kardashian Clothing Line

Prince George Is *Basically* Responsible For The New Kardashian Clothing Line

We always knew Prince George was an amazing source of style inspo...

The Kardashian's are raking up quite the baby brood, aren't they? Of course, there's Kim, who's expecting her second child — a baby brother to her two-year-old daughter North West — later this year, and there's Kourtney, who already has three kiddies (including a young baba) of her own. 

So, it comes as no surprise that the family of reality TV fame decided to launch their own kids clothing collection as part of the already super-successful Kardashian fashion empire. Do you hear that? Ker-ching!


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However, instead of looking for design inspo from their own tots — we guess North's penchant for Balmain is too costly to recreate for the masses, Khloé Kardashian has revealed that they've looked further afield for some youngster styling tips. How far, you ask? Across the Atlantic, apparently... 

Speaking of the range and drawing inspiration from the Kardashian kids klub, Khloé said: 'My nieces and nephews are so fashion forward... but we noticed there was a need in the market for boys.'

And naturally, the TV royalty looked to, well, actual royalty to see what they should be creating for dapper little guys. 

Yep, that's right — the Kardashian's are tapping our very own Prince George's amazing style to help them come up trumps with their own designs. To be fair, he is perfectly put together. 

Khloé elaborated, 'Prince George is the cutest ever! He is so cute and preppy, but he still represents very well. He is very cute.' You hear that George? THREE 'cutes'. That's got to be some sort of record. 

We can't blame them for looking to the two-year-old baba for fashion advice — from his red shorts that flawlessly match the embroidery in his cream blouse, to that button-up cardi and open collar shirt combo, he gets it oh-so right, every time. Or, you know, his mother Kate Middleton does but regardless, he's certainly one stylish tot. I mean, matching your shoes to your outfit so seamlessly is no mean feat... 

And don't even get us started on the struggles of pulling off knee-high socks and shorts...

Fancy working your sartorial magic on our wardrobes, your Highness? 

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