Prince George Has Been Given The Most Heartfelt Gift From His Grandfather, Prince Charles

Prince George Has Been Given The Most Heartfelt Gift From His Grandfather, Prince Charles

This present to Prince George from his grandfather blows Michelle Obama’s ride-on wagon out of the water…

Prince George is one lucky little guy. After being showered with gifts for his second birthday a couple of weeks back and being given an array of adorable presents from Michelle Obama on her most recent official British visit earlier this month, he’s been well a truly spoilt.

However, his latest pressie has to be the best yet, and it’s been given to him from none other than his royal grandfather, Prince Charles. Better up your game, grandpa Middy…

In a very sentimental move, Prince Charles has plans to have a tree house, originally built in his lavish garden for George’s father, Prince William, and his uncle, Prince Harry, when they children, restored to its former glory as a hide-out and den specifically for the young tot. How sweet is that?

The treehouse is situated in the gardens of the Prince Charles’ Gloucestershire residence, where he has put countless man-hours into making the grounds as picturesque as can be.

Of course, the ‘den’ is no thrown together shack made from discarded panels of wood — it’s a structure designed by William Bertram, who met with princes’ Harry and William when they were three and five respectively to ask them first hand what they wanted their treehouse to look like, and what Wills said is so adorable.

‘I want it to be as high as possible so I can get away from everyone and I want a rope ladder which I can pull up so no-one can get at me.’ Those were the days, huh Wills?

We can only IMAGINE the fun Prince George, his baby sister Princess Charlotte and, of course, their grandfather Charles, will have in their own private treehouse once they’re old enough to run riot. Poor Camilla...

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