'He'll Steal Your Girl's Clothes & Your Girl': 9 Life Lessons We Can All Learn From Prince

'He'll Steal Your Girl's Clothes & Your Girl': 9 Life Lessons We Can All Learn From Prince

Prince can give us ALL a lesson in how to be badass

Prince was an icon in every sense of the word. There’s no doubt he was a musical legend, pioneering the Minneapolis sound and becoming one of the greatest artists of all time, but he was also a style icon, famed for his androgynous and eccentric looks, the likes of which still inspire fashion’s finest today. Then, there’s everything else – Prince spoke to the world on life, love, religion, sexuality and even animal rights, right up until he died on April 21st. 

To be honest, we could all do with being a little more Prince - so from his style to that unwavering swagger, here are 9 life lessons we can all take from Prince today.

1. Gendered Clothing Is Not A Thing
Gender boundaries? What gender boundaries? Heeled boots, metallic blouses and sequined capes were all fair game for Prince, who smashed gender norms with his wild style. From catsuits to kaftans, Prince was all about glamour in lace, lamé and velvet. Even Gucci are following suit…

2. Men In Make-Up: We’re Into It
Prince definitely had a better beauty bag than you, too. The singer’s age-defying skin, feline flicks and luscious locks had us all swooning.

3. …And That Doesn’t Stop You From Being Sexy
Girls in tight dresses and men in suits? The definition of sexy is so much more than that, and gender norms have nothing to do with it. As the saying went, ‘He’ll steal your girlfriend’s clothes, then he’ll steal your girlfriend’.

4. You Are Not Defined By Labels
The lyrics to Prince’s Controversy read ‘Am I black or white? Am I straight or gay? People call me rude. I wish we all were nude. I wish there were no black and white, I wish there were no rules’.

5. Basically, You Do You
Prince was totally unapologetic about being 100% himself. Who else would rock a scepter to the French Open?!

6. Time Means Nothing
This one might not fly with your boss, but Prince lived life by his own clock. In 1999, Prince was due to appear on MTV’s Total Request Live on air at 4 – he turned up at 4.50. His excuse? ‘I don’t use time. [I use] truth’.   

7. Get Creative With The Law 
Stuck in a recording contract you desperately want out of? Prince famously changed his name to a symbol to slide out of his record deal in 1993, using a combination of the symbols for male and female. His record label were forced to mail out floppy disks with a custom font in order to use the symbol. Awkward.  

8. Don’t Be Afraid Of Your Sexuality
Prince is pretty much the reason behind that Explicit Content sticker almost every album carries these days. Everything from his lyrics and song titles to his stage moves and videos were so raunchy, he became one of the sexiest rock stars of all time.

9. Don’t Call It Too Soon
Just a few days before his death, Prince told fans ‘wait a few days before you waste any prayers’.

We’re honouring the legend today by rounding up Prince’s most iconic fashion looks, as well as the most moving tributes to Prince.

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