Prince Carl-Philip Of Sweden Is Basically A Royal Jamie Dornan

Prince Carl-Philip Of Sweden Is Basically A Royal Jamie Dornan

Congrats to Prince Carl-Philip and his wife Sofia, who announced today that they're expecting their first child. Any excuse to bring up (again) how much he looks like Jamie Dornan.

Congrats to Prince Carl-Philip and his wife Sofia, who are expecting their first child! 

We know we've talked about this before, but really any exuse to bring this up again: Prince Carl-Philip, Duke of Varmland, son of King Carl Gustav and Queen Silvia of Sweden and third-in-line to the Swedish is basically the royal Jamie Dornan. 

While we don't wish to sound unpatriotic, in the looks department Hotness of Sweden sort of throws Prince William (sadly now losing the hair) and Harry (hair also on the wane) into the royal shade. 

With the fabulous bone structure and neatly trimmed, kingly beard, we can't help but notice that he bears a more-than-passing similarity to Mr Fifty Shades himself. 

Let us demonstrate...




Another one (this time without the facial hair)...

Jamie in his Fifty Shades suit: 

Prince Carl in his princely suit: 

This one is actually quite spooky: 

A little like Jamie, Prince Carl-Philip is very much off the market after marrying his girlfriend Sofia Hellqvist at a ceremony in Stockholm's Royal Palace Chapel in June this year, and now the couple are expecting their first child. 

Sofia - or Princess Sofia of Sweden as she's now known - has a reassuringly down-to-earth background. She was previously a yoga teacher and reality TV star who once even posed in the nude - meaning she doesn't quite have a squeaky clean Middleton-style record (though frankly who does). Sofia and Carl met in the equally laid-back setting of a Stockholm restaurant where they were introduced by mutual friends.

At the wedding Sofia wore a long lace-covered dress by Swedish fashion designer Ida Sjöstedt, a similar style to the McQueen design Kate Middleton wore to marry Prince William in 2012. The wedding gave us the opporunity to indulge in one of our favourite hobbies of guess the Euro-Royal as a parade of well-heeled wedding goers in blue sashes and jewels the size of gobstoppers arrived in Stockholm for the ceremony and party. 

Prince Carl - who looked particularly dashing at the wedding in military garb - recently ranked No. 9 in a recent tally of hot young royals, though if you ask us that was pretty scandalously low.

Move over Harry. 

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