Preston’s back – and looking good!

Preston’s back – and looking good!
Cameron McNee

What with Take That touring the country recently, we’ve been distracted. But Preston’s (he of Ordinary Boys/Chantelle) new song is so good, we’ve almost forgotten Jason Orange…

"I'm ready to be a popstar," announces Preston - former Celebrity Big Brother fave and ex frontman of ska-lite band Ordinary Boys. Hurrah!

Yes, it's been a while since we've heard from the sharp-suited one. After all he's kept a pretty low profile after the terribly unsurprising breakup with Chantelle. But, seriously, it's been worth the wait.

Not only is he looking so hot we can almost forget how diddy he is, but we predict a No 1 single with his new tune Dressed to Kill.

It's so brilliantly catchy that just one listen to it on Preston's MySpace page had us jigging around in our chairs at work like we were on a PowerPlate.

And the video looks like a brilliant pastiche of 80s Vampire movies, with Preston dolled up like our very own Lost Boy (although the fangs are a tad disturbing).

Alas, the single won't be out until 24 August (with an album, Whatever Forever following soon after). But to listen just go to, or see the video on YouTube

If it doesn't top the charts, we'll eat our Louboutins.

By Danielle Hine


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