Posh bags a handbag deal

Posh bags a handbag deal

Victoria Beckham is set to add to her fashion acclaim by designing a line of handbags.

We weren't kidding when we said that Victoria Beckham was out to conquer the fashion world. With an already-successful line of jeans and sunglasses in the dVb name and a hit collection of sleek, tailored dresses under the label Victoria Beckham Collection, the ex-Spice Girl is now looking to conquer new territory.

But where to go now? The handbag market, of course! Her love of designer totes (especially Hermes Birkins - her collection tots up to £1.5 million) has made her well familiar with what makes an It-bag. A style spy said: "She wants the range to be classic but contemporary, and she's interviewing designers she wants to be working with personally."

Known for collaborating with fashion giants like Marc Jacobs and Roland Mouret, Victoria is certain to have a number of high-profile design gurus on speed dial and we're sure her new range will fly off the shelves.

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By Maria Milano

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