Posh and Becks in new raunchy Aramani advertising campaign

Posh and Becks in new raunchy Aramani advertising campaign

Armani get up close and personal to David and Victoria Beckham in their new underwear ad

David and Victoria Beckham will celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary this Saturday and judging by the sizzling photos, we can see why the couple are still together! Shot in Milan - the city where the design house is situated, the couple adopted seductive poses while snapped by fashion photographers Mert Alsa and Marcus Pigott.

The couple are no strangers to Italian fashion house Armani - indeed Victoria posed for the brand's spring/summer lingerie campaign and earlier this year hundreds of fans attended the launch of David's underwear range at Selfridges London store... And let's face it, who can forget that giant billboard posted outside showcasing that rippling six pack!

Though ‘getting their kit' off would appear second nature to the Beckhams David told Jay Leno in April that he was "quite nervous" posing in his underwear because "my mum was going to see it" and that when the ads came out, he said, "she was the first one to call me and say, 'What are you doing?' I tried explaining it to her, but she didn't really get it." Ah bless him... He's a true mummy's boy at heart!

By Beatrix Zwart

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