Poppy Delevingne On Christmas Jumpers, Kama Sutra Pasta And Her Fav Xmas Pressie

Poppy Delevingne On Christmas Jumpers, Kama Sutra Pasta And Her Fav Xmas Pressie

We caught up with the gorgeous Poppy Delevingne to chat amazing gifts, her ultimate festive fashion staple and her first Christmas as a married woman...

You've got to hand it to her; Poppy Delevingne has had quite the 2014. After tying the knot with her long-term man James Cook in what would prove to be the wedding of our dreams back in May, she's gone on to design her very own swimwear range with cult-US brand Soild & Striped and was on hand as a member of the British Fashion Council to present her sister Cara Delevingne with the Model of the Year gong at last week's BFA awards. 

Never one for sitting still, she's been globe-trotting non-stop lending her very stylish hand to some key events and fashionable parties, making her one of the most in-demand It girls of the year. 

Now, winding down for the last phase of the year, we caught up with the gorgeous gal herself to chat all things Crimbo, and boy did we learn a lot about our girl-crush... 

Hey Poppy. So, Christmas is almost here! What are you going to be wearing to see you through the festive season?

'A massive Christmas jumper with a nose that sticks out and lights up every time I drink an alcoholic beverage. And, I’ll be in that jumper from mid-December right through to New Year.'

Love it. Talking about the big day, what’s the most memorable gift you’ve ever been given?
'A dolls house when I was eleven from my parents. And I still have it and I love it. I’m actually having it restored at the minute; I love that dolls house more than I love my own family! And you never forget a present like that, do you? It was the most beautiful thing in the whole world. Ok, I sound like a crazy person but yes, my dolls house. That I do not play with now, it’s just something to look at. It’s definitely a decorative dolls house.'

This is your first Christmas as a married woman; what pressie will you be giving your husband, James Cook?

'Kama Sutra pasta shapes. Classic Christmas present. The people in my life are very lucky. My husband hates me for it; I’ve given it to him every year, and we're seven years in.'

He's a lucky man. You've been so busy throughout 2014, hopping from place to place. What are you're plans for the holiday; are you jetting off?

'Yes! I’m going to Colombia, actually. Just me and my husband; just the two of us. Our first Christmas on our own together. I honestly can’t wait.'

Bring on that kinky pasta-shaped Christmas lunch, we say! Here's to 2015, Poppy...

By Maxine Eggenberger

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