Poldark Series 2: 10 Reasons We Can’t Wait For Sunday Nights

Poldark Series 2: 10 Reasons We Can’t Wait For Sunday Nights

Poldark Season 2 is upon us!

Poldark is back on our screens this weekend, with ten new episodes of heavy fieldwork (we hope), romantic entanglements and a whole lot of swooning. Your Sunday night just got a lot more exciting.

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Here are 10 reasons why we can’t wait for Aidan Turner, Eleanor Tomlinson and co to grace our screens again…

1. Aidan Turner is BACK. Storyline aside, Aidan is a pretty big reason why we keep coming back to Poldark every week, so here’s hoping for more shirtless scything.

2. The show will pick up exactly where we left off last series, with [SPOILER ALERT] Demelza trying to cope after the death of Julia, and Ross having been arrested for murder. They’ve got no money, no company and, almost, no hope against the backdrop of the French Revolution.

3. There’ll be more of that Ross/Elizabeth tension, as well as drama between Ross and George Warleggan.

4. Aidan has said that the series will be ‘huge’, with massive arcs for the characters and executive producer Elizabeth Kilgarriff calling series 2 ‘another fantastic rollercoaster ride’.  

5. The second series will have 10 episodes, 2 more than the first. That’s two more hours of Aidan Turner and we’re definitely not complaining.

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6. Poldark series 2 was made with blood, sweat and tears. Aidan revealed that in filming a scene where he lifts Eleanor Tomlinson out of the water, he dropped her in the water and smacked his head off a boat. Ouch.

7. There are new characters. John Nettles, who you’ll probably know from Midsomer Murders, is joining the cast as a wealthy landowner.

8. You get to see the real West Country coast. Because that’s what we’re watching it for.

9. A third series of Poldark has been confirmed for 2017. No matter what happens in the finale of Poldark series 2, we know the cast will be back to tie up those loose ends, with more ‘twists and turns for these much loved characters’.

10. It’s another excuse to cosy up and stay in on a Sunday night.

Poldark starts on Sunday 4th September, 8pm, BBC One

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