Pixie Lott – our new, favourite pop star

Pixie Lott – our new, favourite pop star
Nicole Nodland

Pixie Lott is the newest, hottest Brit pop princess. She's got the Kylie-style hotpants (and sex appeal), the lung-power of Adele and the catchy tunes. Plus she's in the August issue of InStyle…

The InStyle crystal ball is never wrong - so we knew Pixie Lott was going to be H.U.G.E months ago.

And hey presto, her very first single Mama Do (all together now - uh oh uh oh) topped the charts quicker than you could say "ooh, that's a good tune".

Naturally, with our eye for hot, new talent InStyle nabbed Ms Lott for a huge, uber glam eight page fashion shoot and a girly chat.

Here are some things we think you need to know about the 18-year-old singing sensation, in her own words:

**"Mum told me I've been singing since I was in my cot. Which is strange because I'm from the least musical family. Ever. I must be a genetic throwback!"

**"My real name is Victoria. But when I was born I was so small, like a fairy, that my Mum called me Pixie because of that! And it just stuck."

**"I started recording my album in LA at 15 while I was still at school and studying for my GCSE's. I had to take a lot of time out of school but I managed to straight A's in Dance, Drama, English Lit, English Language, Maths, History, French and Science."

**"I've been offered drugs and if I wanted to do that I would have by now. I'll have a drink when I'm out with friends, but not when I'm working because it's bad for my voice. A lot of my songs are high and I have to really belt them out."

**" I loved making my video for Mama Do. It was a really long day - 7.00am - 2.00am. And afterwards we all had bruises because one aspect of the dance routine involved slapping our thighs!"

Read the rest of the interview and see the stunning pictures of Pixie modelling the autumn/winter's sharpest new trends in InStyle's August issue on sale from 2 July.

To see more Pixie Lott check out pixielott.com. Pixie's debut album Turn It Up is out next month.

By Danielle Hine


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