Pitch Perfect 3 is confirmed, and we have a release date. What should we expect from Fat Amy and co this time around?

They're back, Pitches! Pitch Perfect 3 is confirmed - and we have a release date

That’s right, Pitches! Everyone’s favourite a cappella group, the Barden Bellas, are returning for a third installment of the Pitch Perfect, set to hit screens on July 21st 2017 in the US – let’s hope us British Bellas won’t have to wait too long after that to see Fat Amy and co back on the silver screen – just with some underwear on this time...

After the second film ended – slight spoiler alert here - with the Pitches graduating (yes, Chloe finally decided to move on from Barden University) and seemingly going their separate ways, the news of a third film might come as a bit of a shock to die-hard fans. Could newbie Emily aka Hailee Steinfeld take over the Barden Bellas, thanks to her mother’s legacy? Will Das Sound Machine be back to reclaim the world title, and what shade of black will they wear this time? And can we PLEASE get some more Barack Obama up in here?!

With Beca’s internship and Emily’s songwriting talent (Flashlight is our most played on the Pitch Perfect 2 soundtrack), we’re also wondering if the Bellas will take themselves out of college competitions and launch into mainstream music. Could this be the new age of a cappella? 

Hailee Steinfeld as Emily could take the Barden Bellas in a new direction

So many questions, so much time to wait. But what we do know is that cast members Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson are definitely on board to return as Beca Mitchell and Fat Amy (our fave Bella by far). Anna was the one to actually confirm the news on her Instagram account, captioning her pic “Happening #3”. Producer and commentator Elizabeth Banks is also returning for more sarcastic comments at the ICCAs.


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We're definitely happy to see Rebel Wilson return to our screens, but after the recent age scandal we wonder if people will be shocked that the then 38-year-old will play a college-grad. A former classmate revealed that although Rebel’s stage age might be currently 29, she’s actually 36 years old. But does it matter all that much? A little fib doesn't make Rebel any less hilarious.