PICS: True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgard in sexy new photo shoot

PICS: True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgard in sexy new photo shoot
LA Times

The gorgeous Swede ditches his fangs and smoulders in black and white for the LA Times

Vampire-mania has well and truly hit us here at and with agonising love triangles, werewolves, witches and impossibly handsome leading men, it’s easy to see why.

Just as we finish swooning over new R-Patz pics from Twilight Eclipse or the dishy Paul Wesley from The Vampire Diaries, we catch sight of True Blood’s wickedly gorgeous vampire Alexander Skarsgard from his latest photo shoot.


The Swedish actor, who plays evil Sheriff vamp Erik Northman, is currently hotting-up the small-screen in television’s True Blood, alongside Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin.

In these new pics, taken by photographer Chad Pitman, Alexander shows off his chiselled cheeks, devilish stare and a range of designer suits.

When asked about his role as a vampire in the acclaimed drama True Blood, Alexander said: ‘People are kind of intrigued because they represent immortality. And a character like Eric has been around for a thousand years. All that wisdom and experience—you carry it around with you. That’s attractive. (We agree!)

‘What makes vampires a platform for good drama is they’re also lethal. Eric is an animal. He’s on that edge where you don’t know if he will turn and kill you in a second’, he said.

The eagerly awaited second series has just started on the FX channel and we are loving our weekly dose of vampire action.

By Georgie Hindle


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