PICS JUST IN! Christina Aguilera on set of Burlesque

PICS JUST IN! Christina Aguilera on set of Burlesque

Christina Aguilera is shooting her new movie and we've got a sneak peek at her on set!

Genie in a Bottle songstress Christina Aguilera has turned her hand to acting and has just started filming her new movie, Burlesque.


Christina plays a small town girl who heads to the big city and finds herself dancing in a burlesque club. The club's owner is none other than Cher

These first scenes show Christina heading out on her own, still very much the all American girl in her blue denim jeans and cheery jumper, toting a suitcase as she heads off to find fame and fortune in LA.

Christina's trademark striking make-up of forties-style red lipstick and flicky black eyeliner were nowhere to be seen… Instead the singer-turned-actor sported a scrubbed clean, girl next door look with her usually ultra-primped hair scraped loosely into a ponytail.

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By Pat McNulty


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