PICS: Gossip Girl style just keeps getting hotter!!

PICS: Gossip Girl style just keeps getting hotter!!

We’ve been following the pics from the set of next season’s Gossip Girl with ever-increasing levels of obsession… Is there no end to the actresses’ string of hot looks?

In the world of the Upper East Side, even the parents are super-glam, as Kelly Rutherford demonstrates as she plays the part of Lily Bass (previously van der Woodsen... Do keep up!)


Jessica Szohr, who plays the part of aspiring film-maker Vanessa Abrams in the show, has been sighted out and about in a fab range of outfits, including this super-cute tribal-inspired maxidress,

Queen Bee of the Upper East Side, Blair Waldorf, seems to be sticking to her classic preppy style in this silver layered dress, which Leighton Meester was spotted in on-set, but will she adapt her new style at all as she heads to NYU in the next season?

New girl in town Hilary Duff has also been looking stylish on set... We don't quite know what she's up to yet, apart from being Vanessa's room-mate, so we'll be keeping our eyes peeled for any storyline clues!

We can't wait for the new series to begin... Surely the producers can't keep us in suspense for too much longer?

By Camilla Swift


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