PICS: Drew Barrymore goes roller girl for sexy new shoot

PICS: Drew Barrymore goes roller girl for sexy new shoot
Vs magazine/Ellen von Unwerth

SEE Drew Barrymore get her skates on in hot new photo shoot

Drew Barrymore is sexy as hell as she shows off her skating prowess in a hot new photo shoot for V magazine.

The editorial was produced to promote her directorial debut, Whip It, inspired by the true story of a Texan roller derby league.

Wearing risqué outfits (think fishnet tights, leather corsets and teeny-tiny shorts), Drew was joined by her co-stars in the new movie, Juliette Lewis, Ellen Page, and Zoe Bell.

Roller derby is an American contact sport, in which opposing teams try to score points by overtaking each other on a circuit track.

The film stars Juno actress Ellen as rebel Bliss Cavender, who resists her mother's attempts to force her on to the beauty pageant scene.

Instead, she joins the Texas Rollergirls and becomes Babe Ruthless.

Drew plays Page’s teammate, Smashly Simpson, and in one image in the photo shoot, she is seen straddling Ellen in a super-raunchy pose.

The confident, buzzy photos were shot by Ellen Von Unwerth, and give a new meaning to the term ‘Girl Power’.

Drew told Time Out New York: ‘I wouldn’t have guessed that the first film I directed would have a sports element, but then again it doesn’t surprise me, because I love girls getting to do what boys do.

'I love when [women] get to be women and not feel like they have to become a man in order to play in a man’s world.’


By Ruth Doherty

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