PICS: Brad Pitt shaves off beard - and looks as hunky as ever!

PICS: Brad Pitt shaves off beard - and looks as hunky as ever!

Brad Pitt back to his good-looking ways after shaving off grey beard

Let's face it, Brad Pitt still looked hot even with overgrown grey facial hair, but it was great to see him looking youthful and, frankly, more handsome than ever after shaving it off yesterday.

The Brad Pitt of old is back, and he showed off his clean-shaven features while filming new movie Moneyball in LA yesterday, looking smart with combed hair and a suit.


Brad plays Billy Beane, a man who successfully founds a baseball team, the Oakland Athletics, despite a lack of money.

Brad's youngest children, twins Knox and Vivienne, turned two yesterday.

And, while dad was showing off his new groomed look, mum Angelina was talking about the family on Good Morning America, admitting that Brad cooks a better brekkie.

'He's better at making eggs and bacon than I am. I try,' she said. 'But I think everybody prefers Dad's eggs and bacon. They always want pancakes.

'Knox is very into pancakes right now. And gets really upset if he can't have pancakes.'

And are there any plans for more? 'There's no plans at the moment for more. But we always talk about it. We're always open.'

So cute.


By Ruth Doherty

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