18 Things We Loved About ‘00s Mobile Phones

18 Things We Loved About ‘00s Mobile Phones

Phones from the 2000s? iPhone, we love you, but we’re getting nostalgic…

The Blackberry Classic is dead. It's gone, and it's never coming back - no matter how many songs Lana Del Rey writes about BBM. They're not even making any other Blackberry phones, either. We're not quite sure what the Kardashians will do without their trust back-up phone, but it feels like a part of the noughties has been destroyed forever. 

At least the Motorola Razr is making a comeback - just think about the flipping opportunities! Angry? Snap that phone shut to show them you mean it. Upset? Emotionally look away while you softly close your phone. Happy? You get the picture.

And after Motorola released this #throwback video to promote what could very well be the resurgence of everyone’s second favourite old-school mobile (Nokia 3310, we’re still here for you), we started reminiscing about all the super-great things you could do with your 2000s mobile phones…

1. Play Snake endlessly – did anyone ever win?!

2. Carefully programming those awful polyphonic ringtones

3. Or if you were flash, downloading one from the back page of a magazine

4. Until you stepped it up to Bluetoothing actual songs to each other    

5. Being able to flip the Razr shut angrily (or sassily)

6. Having to choose which of your 7 texts to keep before you ran out of memory

7. Making your friends feel special by sending them one of your 10 free texts a month

8. Going old-school Twitter on your texts and cutting down characters so it only counted as one message

9. Remember when it was called a self-picture?!

10. Losing all your contacts (and everything else) every time you got a new phone

11. Splashing out on a cool new background screen

12. When phone cases were called fascias… 

13. Finding out if you’d be with your crush forever by texting both your names to 89606

14. That Hello Moto video with the funky tune that was automatically on your Razr

15. Phone charms

16. Bags started to include phone pockets especially for your bricks

17. Eventually you used your Nokia so much that the text rubbed off the keys

18. And just for LOLZ, you’d chuck it against a wall as hard as you could to see if you could break it (spoiler alert: it NEVER broke)

Wow – at least you never had to deal with how to deal with a break up on social media

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