EXCLUSIVE: Watch Behind The Scenes Footage Of The Peaky Blinders Season 3 Finale

EXCLUSIVE: Watch Behind The Scenes Footage Of The Peaky Blinders Season 3 Finale

Peaky Blinders is into the roaring 20s, and it’s all kicking off

Peaky Blinders is easily Birmingham’s best export from the last few years. Bar brawls, ‘20s fashion and a healthy dose of Cillian Murphy… it’s no wonder the whole world is addicted - did you know Brad Pitt is a fan?! If you can't get over the fact that the series is done for a while, we've got some EXCLUSIVE footage from behind the scenes of last night's explosive finale. Watch below...




And if that wasn't enough, here are  13 reasons we’re counting down the days until Peaky Blinders season 4, after an EXCLUSIVE look behind the scenes at Cillian and Tom doing what they do best...

1. That Accent
The Birmingham accent gets a lot of flack (it’s been voted the ugliest accent in the country more times than we can count), but there’s something quite intense about Cillian Murphy’s dulcet tones. Cillian even thinks it’s sexy, he told us so…

2. Cillian Murphy
Speaking of Cillian, there’s nobody better to play Thomas Shelby, especially with that sharp 1920s haircut.

3. David Bowie Was A Fan 
David sent Cillian a picture of himself with razor blades in his cap (if you’ve never seen the series, that’s the reason for the real-life gang’s name), and OKd his music being used in the show just after the release of his last album, Blackstar. Snoop wants to get involved with the music side of things, too.

4. If It’s Good Enough For Brad Pitt…
Bowie wasn’t the only famous fan of the show. Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Julia Roberts, Steven Spielberg and even Snoop Dogg are Peaky Blinders obsessives. 

5. Tom Hardy
Tom Hardy is back as Alfie Solomons, the Jewish crime boss starring as the Shelby’s most feared frenemy. Terrifying yes? Feminist, Tom Hardy? Totally. 

6. It’s Bigger
The entire cast spilled that the new series is bigger, better and more dangerous than ever before. According to Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight, ‘the stakes are higher’.

7. There Are Some Fresh New Faces For Series 3.
Kate Phillips joined the cast as Arthur Shelby’s wife, Linda (‘he’s such an instinctive and playful actor’), alongside Stephanie Hyam. There’s no Brummie for Stephanie, who plays a Londoner, and she’s gutted; ‘I was like damn it! I would love to be part of that whole empire’. As for Princess Tatiana? Gaite Jansen told us ‘she’s not a regular woman. She’s here to mess things up’.

8. Speaking of women…
Tom Hardy who? Kate Phillips was more daunted by all of the amazing young woman on set; ‘there’s Stephanie Hyam, Aimee-Ffion Edwards, Natasha O’Keeffe and Sophie Rundle – all these wonderful actors to work alongside of was exciting’.

9. The Cast Are Getting More Clued Up On Birmingham Every Series
Northfield lad Harry Kirton says he’s been teaching the cast how to get the accent right, giving them a ‘Brummie lesson’, and where they should hang out in Birmingham – after filming, of course. Packy Lee also revealed he now knows the difference between Brummie and Yam Yam since he started filming.

10. The Style
They don’t dress like they used to… Minus the bladed caps, the Shelbys are slick in three-piece suits and granddad-collar striped shirts. Season 3 is set in the roaring ‘20s, so expect the ladies to be flashing a lot more flesh. Packy Lee, aka Johnny Dogs, says he ‘can’t believe the trend that’s come on for Peaky Blinders fashion, especially in America. There’s all the hair cuts, even a beer and a horse named after the Blinders.

11. Americans Love It
…But we can say we loved it first. Peaky Blinders airs on BBC2, but the Americans love it so much Harvey Weinstein bought the rights to show Peaky Blinders on Netflix in the US.

12. Cillian Reckons He's Smoked Over 3,000 Cigarettes As Thomas Shelby
But don't worry, they're all herbal! 'People did smoke all day [back then] and it just became a Tommy thing' Cillian told The Independent, 'There were these rose cigarettes that are herbal - Steve [Knight, the creator] would joke they're one of your five a day. I asked the prop guys to count how many I smoked just out of interest, and they think it's something like 3,000'.

13. There’s Going To Be Series 4 AND 5!
It’s confirmed! The show’s writer Steven Knight is hoping it won’t be long before the Shelbys are back; ‘We want to film far more of series 4 in Birmingham, and there’ll be less of a gap between series, but I haven’t written it yet!’

Peaky Blinders finishes on BBC2 at 9pm, Thursday June 9th.

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