Patricia Field teams up with Diet Coke

Patricia Field teams up with Diet Coke
Diet Coke

Sex and The City uber-stylist Patricia Field designs Ugly Betty Coke bottles.

Diet Coke has teamed up with Sex and The City stylist Patricia Field to produce limited-edition bottles, exclusively at Selfridges, based on Ugly Betty.

Patricia Field has always been known for her wild and wonderful fashion choices, some of the most amusing of which have been exhibited by America Ferrera in Ugly Betty. Who knew geek chic would be so inspirational?

Betty's quirky, mis-matched style is being emulated in the form of a pink leopard print bottle, which comes with a selection of stickers so that each drinker can design their own "Betty Bottle". Items include a butterfly- edged red hat, Betty's notorious (and rather hideous) poncho and her iconic "B" necklace.

"I enjoy the cross branding of Patricia Field and Diet Coke," Patricia Field said. "Based on prior experience, when I designed the Diet Coke City Collection, I was energised to work on the Diet Coke Betty Bottle".

For those of you who want to play at being the Sex and The City stylist during your lunch break, head down to Selfridges and pick up your very own Betty Bottle.

The Diet Coke Betty Bottle is available from Selfridges nationwide now, priced £1.29.

By Rosie Khdir

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