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From BritPopPrincess to bride, Patricia Bright's style has been on point since day one. Say hello to our Most Innovative Fashion Videos winner...

Patricia Bright

AWARD: Most Innovative Fashion Videos 

Patricia has come a long way from the whispered videos she used to make in the bathroom of her shared university house. ‘It felt weird filming myself, so I’d be really quiet so the other girls couldn’t hear me!’ she says. Patricia continued to keep her YouTube channel a secret when she left university to start a career in investment banking. Then someone at work let the cat out of the bag and circulated her videos around the office. ‘At first, I cried,’ she says, ‘but then I thought, “I love doing this and I’m going to keep doing it. They can laugh all they like.”’ Eighteen months ago, Patricia left banking for good and now has more than 625,000 subscribers, three full-time staff and doesn’t have to slog it out at a desk all day. Who’s laughing now? 

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AGE: 27


BRITPOPPRINCESS: The Instagram says Patricia Bright, the YouTube handle says BritPopPrincess – Patricia started YouTubing in 2010, and while she might have outgrown the Princess title (Patricia is now a married career woman), the channel is still full of the same quality content: how-to curly hair tutorials, life advice and enviable hauls. 591k subscribers follow her every post, including interviews with mega-celebrities – Patricia chatting to Khloe Kardashian, anyone?

WE ARE FAMILY: Even though she doesn’t quite get the concept of vlogging (“She’s taking pictures, she’s talking, I don’t understand”), Patricia’s Mum Victoria has made a few appearances in her daughter’s videos. Younger sister Maureen is also in on the act – she’s more comfortable behind the camera, but after years of begging from subscribers, Patricia finally got little sis into a tag video. As for husband Mike, he’s bought her make-up, put it on and even put a ring on it – Patricia posted their wedding video to her channel after the couple tied the knot in 2012.

TALK THE TALK: Patricia is not afraid to talk about the big, scary topics in life. From advice on how to be more confident and TMI tags, to need to know bikini waxing horror stories and how to use hair relaxants, viewers definitely learn a thing or two from this Nigerian vlogger. Patricia’s style will always be on point, but we love the fact she cares about the physical and mental wellbeing of her subs.

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