27 Life Lessons We Did (And Didn’t) Learn From Parent Trap

27 Life Lessons We Did (And Didn’t) Learn From Parent Trap

Soundtrack of our youths, am I right?

In the age of VHS, it just didn't make sense to have loads of videos as they were pretty sizeble (and you could just rent from Blockbusters if you were having a sleepover anyway) — so, that combined with a habit for watching films and listening to songs pretty much on repeat meant I watched Parent Trap LOADS.

And it's still one of the best films ever. Just one of those classic splitting-up-twins-but-them-reuniting-at-summer-camp-and-not-telling-you stories... Yeh it's pretty implausible, but totally great.

Lindsay Lohan shared a #THROWBACK Insta-pic of her standing in front of 'Annie's house' with the caption: 'A trip down memory lane #sundayfunday #theparenttrapmovie "Annie's house" but it was number 7 in the movie' and it was pretty nostalgia-inducing. Yeh, like The Sims — same era.

With that in mind, here's what we did (and didn't learn) from watching it 24/7...

1. Peanut butter and oreos is apparently a good combo.

2. Piercing your own ears is as petrifying as you’d imagine.

3. Janice from Friends makes a good camp leader (I know, right).

4. You’re legit allowed to dislike your parent’s new partner.

5. Living in a vineyard would be dreamy.

6. You can’t scare bears by hitting sticks together.

7. Don’t stand up on a blow-up mattress if you’re on water.

8. Question any photos that are ripped in half.

9. Don’t open your mouth if you’ve got a lizard on your head.

10. If you’re almost equally good at fencing, you’re probably related.

11. Good pranks should probably always involve some very sticky liquid stuff and feathers.

12. American people are laidback and wear denim on all occasions, whereas Brits are less so and wear prissy collars and pearls.

13. You can’t tell if people look exactly the same if their hair is done differently.

14. Complicated handshakes make you look at least 50% less cool (or more cool, we can’t decide).

15. Lindsay Lohan can do a killer English accent… ‘I have class and you don’t’.

16. Siblings together are way more powerful.

17. Getting your parents back together can work.

18. Everyone has help in their house… Chessy, Martin – odds are they’ll fall in love.

19. The Isolation Cabin looks FUN.

20. Don’t get too drunk before you see your ex-husband and his new woman friend.

21. Men usually go for younger, blonder people after they divorce.

22. Don’t go on a hiking trip with your new man friend and his children from a past marriage.

23. Bangs and earrings make you pure sass.

24. Don’t f*ck with your new partner’s children. You won’t win.

25. No-one will notice if you just swap places with someone who looks like you, if you put on an accent (and don’t mess it all up by saying ‘you gave me a fright’).

26. Pretending you think your Dad is going to adopt his new girlfriend instead of marry her is definitely funny.

27. If you break up, it’s totally legit to just half your children and each take some. (Just don’t send them to summer camp – big mistake. Huge.)

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