Our Prosecco Is Running Out - What Will We Order On Friday Nights Now?

Our Prosecco Is Running Out - What Will We Order On Friday Nights Now?

It’s Black Friday for us here at InStyle – because today marks the start of the Great Prosecco Shortage. And we’re not coping...


Oh Prosecco. How far we’ve come since that Peep Show episode when Mark was chastised for bringing you to a party with the words, ‘oh - and you’ve ALMOST brought champagne’?  Because for so long you were like champagne’s less sophisticated younger sibling, and then one day - we can’t quite recall when but it feels like it might have been during the recession – you broke through, leaving poor old champers in your chic, cool, modern wake. You are in effect the effervescent sought after Kendall Jenner to champagne’s slightly more intimidating and grand Kim Kardashian.

So imagine our horror to discover that the summer of 2015 will mark the Great Prosecco shortage. Ok, so it’s probably not going to be up there with the Peasant’s Revolt on the history curriculum any time soon, but we at InStyle HQ are still devastated. You’re cheap, you’re socially acceptable everyone loves you and you cross class divides – if you were a man we’d actually date you.


In fact last year we spent more than 1 billion on you - that’s UK residents by the way, not just employees of InStyle - and for the first time you overtook sales of champagne. We don’t know why you’re playing so hard to get this year, apparently it’s something to do with low harvest yields (we’re not sure what that has to do with our empty glass in a bar in Shoreditch) but whatevs, just please, don’t leave us now. What will we drink at weddings this summer? (Don’t say white wine because you know things will get ugly if that happens.) What will we take over to dinner parties?  But most importantly, what will we order on dates?  Champagne just makes us seem so high maintenance. And ok, maybe we are. But we like to keep that right to ourselves thanks. 

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