Our Night Out With Keira Knightley At The Weinstein And Jimmy Choo BAFTA Party

Our Night Out With Keira Knightley At The Weinstein And Jimmy Choo BAFTA Party

We came, we saw, we partied. Here's the inside track on our night at Harvey Weinstein's BAFTA party with Keira, Reese and Benedict.

Here's the thing about celebrity parties: they're often a bit of a let down. You get all dressed up and revved up on the promise of a guest list as starry as Orion's Belt, only to show up and find a grand celebrity total of Midge, Modge and a scattering of D-list bloggers.

But this is never the case when Harvey Weinstein throws a party. The most powerful man in Hollywood is basically a walking celebrity magnet. If he's sending out the invites, the A-listers will come. And last night - at his BAFTA after-party at the Rosewood Hotel - they came in droves. We were there to take it all in. Here are our highlights of the night.

The fashion (of course)
Amy Adams had changed out of her white Lanvin column into a black tux and Jimmy Choo sandals and headed straight to the dance floor to lip synch to Uptown Funk. Stacey Martin and Diana Agron made a very stylish pair in Louis Vuitton and Lanvin. 'I feel like I'm wearing a cloud' said Laura Haddock of her pale grey Ashli Studio tulle dress, 'it's also very forgiving shape so I can eat lots of canapes.'

Keira Knightley's stamina
The lady is five months pregnant but she and her (very sweet-looking) husband James Righton were was still going strong at 2.30am. Go Keira.

The carby canapes
With the awards ceremony dinner menu featuring vegan and gluten-free options like cucumber pickle and beetroot caviar it's fair to say guests weren't exactly overly full on arrival. Which is why the carb-heavy mini beef burgers, pumpkin arancini and spicy samosas at the Weinstein party were practically inhaled by the A-list crowd. "I'm just loving the protein,' we heard Jimmy Carr say as he nibbled on his third crab cake.

The British party bromance of the night: Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch

Mark Ruffalo's fire extinguishing skills
We had just started chatting to him when the cocktail napkin he was holding caught fire. He casually put it out with one hand. What a man.

The pudding room
'I'm sugar free' said no one ever in the lavish pudding room. Yep, that's right, an entire room dedicated to the sweet stuff. From ganache filled macarons, to miniature lemon meringue pies and chocolate fountains surrounded by bowls of marshmallows and strawberries just waiting to be smothered, guests flocked here to get their sweet fix. Mr. Weinstein's snack of choice? Handfuls of chocolate covered almonds with an audible crunch.

The pudding room part II
What's even better than a room full of chocolate fountains? A room full of chocolate fountains with Henry Cavill in it. 'This is amazing' the Superman star said surveying the rows of mini lemon meringue pies. We could not agree more.

Douglas Booth's smoking hot smoking jacket
It's fair to say we were green with envy of Douglas Booth's mossy coloured velvet jacket. So much so that we just had to tell him so while stroking the sleeve: 'Ah thank you, it's Dunhill darling.' Swoon!

Reese Witherspoon having a nice time
We saw Reese Witherspoon and asked her if she was having a good night. 'Yes' she replied. #investigativejournalism

Harvey Weinstein's key to a good party
Who better to ask what makes a Harvey Weinstein party so good than the man himself. 'You being here' he told us when we asked. Oh stop it, Harv.

By Chloe Mac Donnell and Lucy Pavia

The Weinstein Company, Entertainment Film Distributors, Studiocanal 2015 BAFTA After Party was in partnership with JIMMY CHOO & GREY GOOSE at Rosewood London

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