A model falls over at China Fashion Week

Shoes: 1, Model: 0


Falling over in heels is one thing (that we've done many times), but taking a tumble in massive six-inch platforms in front of an audience (and photographers) makes for a whole other level of humiliation.

A model falls over at China Fashion Week

Unfortuantely, this is just what happened on the Seccry Sheguang Hu catwalk at China Fashion Week in Beijing where not one, not two, but three models ended up on their behinds on the runway. At least they could take comfort in the knowledge that none of them was alone in their accident. And that it happens to the best of them – remember Naomi Campbell's infamous fall in those Vivienne Westwood platforms? It's turned out to be one of the most enduring images of her three decades in the business.

A model falls over at China Fashion Week

And, frankly, we wouldn't even expect a seasoned pro like these models to be able to make it the length of the catwalk in towing six-inchers without having a wobble. We can barely make it across the road in our block-heeled sandals without losing our balance.

By Olivia Marks

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