Oscars 2015: 11 Things Everyone's Talking About...

Oscars 2015: 11 Things Everyone's Talking About...

Didn’t stay up late to watch the Academy Awards last night? Here’s a run-down of what you missed.

Lady Gaga’s gloves
The award for ‘most tweeted about accessory of the night’ goes to Lady Gaga, whose crimson gloves she had put with her Alaia dress made it look like she was planning to nip into the catering tent and help with the washing up. Comedy Twitter memes of her in various domestic situations began popping up minutes after she hit the red carpet.


The musical opening
Anna Kendrick joined Oscar host Neil Patrick Harris on stage for a totally genius musical opening, which added to our long list of reasons we love Anna Kendrick. Patrick Harris didn’t pull any punches with his opening joke, either, which touched on Hollywood’s diversity problem. "Tonight we honour the best and whitest — I mean brightest" he said.


Girls in pearls
The usual array of gobstopper diamond necklaces took a back seat to pearls this year: sewn into the top of Felicity Jones’ dove grey McQueen gown, twisting around the neckline of Lupita’s amazing Calvin Klein column gown and shimmering on Best Actress winner Julianne Moore’s Chanel frock (which was personally designed by Karl himself).


The boys go bold
We noticed a lot of the men rejecting the usual black jacket/white shirt/black bow tie formula for a splash of colour. The Most Dapper award of the night was won by David Oyelowo in his sharp burgundy tux, while Eddie Redmayne swapped black for deep midnight blue, Matthew McConaughey sported a shimmery gunmetal grey and Jared Leto’s powder blue suit and white shoes almost (ALMOST) made up for the absence of the man bun he was sporting last year.


The feminist Oscars
Reese Witherspoon brought her #askhermore campaign to the Oscars this year, in protest at the barrage of ‘who are you wearing?’ questions actresses have to answer. Before the ceremony she even tweeted a list of alternative questions (‘what has been your biggest career risk?’ / ‘what do you feel most proud of?’) Meanwhile, Patricia Arquette’s Best Supporting Actress acceptance speech focused on equal pay and women’s rights, which was cheered on by Meryl Streep and JLo.


The new Oscar BFFs
Speaking of Meryl and JLo, these two looked like they were getting on like an absolute house on fire – the selfie of them together might be our favourite of the night. Other BFFs were Emma Stone and Jennifer Aniston, who bear-hugged each other, and the unlikely pairing of Lady Gaga and Keira Knightley, who squashed together for a photo on the red carpet.


The snubs
After months of the Boyhood vs. Birdman battle, the former lost out to the latter on Best Director and Best Film. We were also a little sad to see the totally genius Lego Movie come away empty-handed. Everything was definitely not awesome.


Lady Gaga’s surprisingly demure Sound of Music tribute
We’re used to Lady Gaga’s on-stage antics having a liberal dose of shock-factor. But there wasn’t a scrap of latex or a firework bra in sight when she took to the stage to sing a Sound of Music medley in honour of special guest presenter Julie Andrews. Gaga in a swishy butter-wouldn’t-melt white ballgown singing ‘Raindrops on Roses’? More shocking than a dress made of meat.


Literally everyone crying when John Legend sang Glory
There’s been a bit of controversy over the scant number of awards Martin Luther King Jr biopic Selma was nominated for. But the film stole the show nevertheless last night when John Legend took to the stage to sing its Oscar-winning soundtrack ‘Glory.’ Selma star David Oyelowo was in floods of tears and the cheers and applause brought the house down.


Big issues
The speeches this year were notably light on fluff and heavy on big issues. Along with Patricia Arquette’s feminist speech on equal pay, there were comments made about civil rights, suicide prevention, ALS and immigration. Reese Witherspoon also her Oscars appearance as the chance to launch her #AskHerMore campaign, urging reporters to focus on more than just actresses dresses at awards ceremonies. This was the year the Oscars got political – and it was all the better for it.


Eddie Redmayne being sweet
Maybe we’re just biased Brits, but Eddie Redmayne’s speech was one of our favourites of the night. After dedicating his award to the Hawking family and sufferers of MND, he turned to his new wife Hannah: ‘I love you! We now have a new little fella to share our apartment with.’

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