Oscar Gossip: What We Really Loved About Last Night’s Academy Awards

Oscar Gossip: What We Really Loved About Last Night’s Academy Awards

Don’t you just love the Oscars? There’s the glamour, the glory and always the odd faux par (John Travolta, we’re talking about you.) Despite this year being one of the more serious ceremonies (GO Patricia Arquette) we list our favourite fun moments from the night

Dakota Johnson revealed she kept a flogger from the Fifty Shades of Grey film set. Kelly Osbourne wondered aloud what a flogger was and Giuliana Rancic read from her phone, “"An implement usually used in BDSM, it is made up of a handle and several straps which are attached to it. Can be used to whip or to caress." Reckon that’s the first time someone’s uttered the phrase ‘BDSM’ on the Oscar red carpet?

Idris Elba upped his cool status a notch further by taking his clearly delighted 14-year old daughter Isan. We swooned.

Idina Menzal got her own back on John Travolta who, last year live on stage addressed her as ‘Adele Dazeem.’ As the duo presented last night’s Best Song award, she introduced Travolta as ‘Glom Gazingo.’ He then ruined it by weirdly stroking her face.

A flowing haired Jared Leto announced Patricia Arquette as the winner for Best Supporting Actress and stood behind her as she made her eloquent speech about equal pay. Then @TLyzen Tweeted a picture of the pair with the words: ‘Rare photo of Jesus blessing Patricia Arquette during her acceptance speech.’ At the time of writing, it’s been retweeted 12,000 times…

Benedict Cumberbatch may have been a tad worse for wear at the end of the ceremony. When he was interviewed by Good Morning Britain on the Vanity Fair red carpet, he referred to his wife Sophie – the pair got hitched on Valentine’s Day – as his, erm, fiancée.

Anna Wintour kept her sunglasses on through out the ceremony.

" That’s all."

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