10 Tips For Going Naked On A Beach (Like Orlando Bloom)

10 Tips For Going Naked On A Beach (Like Orlando Bloom)

Orlando Bloom naked has inspired us to get our kit off…

Orlando Bloom naked on a paddleboard?! It happened, and the internet can’t cope.

On holiday with his current belle Katy Perry in Italy, Orlando, for some inexplicable reason, decided to strip off his swim shorts on the beach, before ferrying Katy across the ocean on a paddleboard.


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In case you haven’t seen the pictures, we’re talking all-out balls to the board full-frontal nudity, in FULL view of anyone who might happen to paddle past. Katy, meanwhile, kept her bikini on. We refer you to the picture above. He even had to shoot his ex Miranda Kerr a text to let her know the pictures were coming out. Her response? 'What were you thinking?!' 

Confused? Intrigued? Inspired, even?! If Orlando has left you pondering whether the nudist life is for you, Andrew Welch of the British Naturism organisation says ‘We know that people are far more willing to try social nudity and it’s great to have confirmation that more and more of us are letting go of any hang-ups and are feeling comfortable in the skin we’re in’.

Need a few more pointers before you drop it all? We spoke to lastminute.com for a beginner’s guide on getting your kit off on the beach; 


1.     Cover your whole body in high-factor sun cream to avoid an awkward burn
Nobody wants a burnt bum…

2.     Don’t park yourself too close to fellow nudists
Clothes? Forget them. Personal space? Important.

3.     There’s no shame in wrapping up with a towel if the sun gets too hot
We refer you to tip #1

4.     Know and obey the rules of the nudist beach you are visiting
When nakedness is involved, rules are key

5.     Sexy selfies are a no-go so leave your camera at home
Just because everyone is naked, doesn’t mean they want to put it all pver the internet

6.     No PDA allowed
That’s pretty much soft porn

7.     Don’t forget to put your clothes back on when leaving designated nudist areas
…or you might be arrested

8.     Ensure you are actually at a nudist beach before disrobing
Again, or you might be arrested

9.     No staring at others, you’ve seen it all before
Mirrors will do that for you. 

10.  Don’t be embarrassed, embrace the freedom
It might be easier said than done, but bodies are TOTALLY normal! Embrace your bits in all their glory.

So, will you be getting your kit off this summer?

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