OMG! Cher’s Calvin Klein Clueless dress is back

OMG! Cher’s Calvin Klein Clueless dress is back

The LWD Cher wears in Clueless has been re-made and we are so totally excited!

You all remember the scene don’t you? The one where Cher is about to go out with Christian, she comes down the stairs dressed for her date and her father says, ‘What are you wearing?’, to which she replies, ‘A dress’. He responds, ‘Says who?’ And she answers, ‘Calvin Klein!’

Anyway, the owner of LA boutique Confederacy Ilaria Urbinati gushed to Calvin Klein director Francisco Costa about how much she loved that film and that dress, he went home, looked up the scene on YouTube, tracked down the original pattern from a factory in Italy and has re-created the dress for her to sell in her boutique.

The dress is available in Cher’s original white as well as a vivid red and is being sold at Confederacy, they ship to most places and it’s priced at $916.

It’s quite pricey but, WHATEVER! We need to grab a bit of fashion history now.

By Leanne Bayley

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