The Most Tinder 'Swiped' Athletes In The Olympic Village Have Been Revealed...

The Most Tinder 'Swiped' Athletes In The Olympic Village Have Been Revealed...

We'd LOVE to see some of these Tinder profiles...

The Olympic atheletes in Rio are doing more than just winning winning medals it seems. 

Apparently, athletes are using their spare time in between events to mentally prepare, train and well, hook-up. Tinder spokeswoman Rosette Pambakian said usage has skyrocketed in Rio since the Games started, with matches in the Olympic Village increasing by 129% over the weekend - and she expects the swipe-fest to continue well into the week.

And the most swiped sports? Recent research released by the dating app (that boasts 26 million matches daily) shows that tennis players are the most swiped for men, and table tennis players leading the way for women. 

And come on, can you really blame the Olympians? Nearly 10,000 athletes are living in the somewhat secluded 31-building Olympic village in the mountains of Rio's west borough, and with 42 condoms being issued per athlete on arrival (yes really), it's evident that event organisers expected teams to engage in a little more than a few friendly rounds of Scrabble.

The 450,000 condoms issued in Rio 2016 is three times more than the 150,000 provided to athletes at the London 2012 Olympics - combine that statistic with all that rampant Tinder activity, and you've got one raunchy Olympic Games.

Professional dating expert Genevieve Zawada feels that the focus on sex is paramount to an athletes performance:

'Firing up a sex drive enhances performance and this has shown to be true in many areas,' Genevieve explained.

She added: 'Getting some 'sexting' or chat going between events I think would definitely help athletes drive themselves further!'

And this sporting date-fest isn't a new thing.

Mobile dating was rife during the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi — a female Olympic gold snowboarder allegedly stated that the Tinder use in the Sochi Olympic Village was 'next level' — after Olympic organisers loosened strict social media guidelines that had been in place during the 2012 Summer Games in London. And despite the social media curtail in London, there was reportedly loads of athletes getting jiggy behind the scenes.

So whether it's simply a welcome distraction, or a chance to get your well-earned post-event rocks off, Tinder at the Olympics is a bona fide talking point. And you know what? More power to them. What better way to blow off some steam.

Sigh, we can only begin to imagine how dreamy some of the athletes' online dating profiles are...



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