Olivia Palermo Shares Some Seriously Useful Fashion Tips

Olivia Palermo Shares Some Seriously Useful Fashion Tips

The style maven also hinted at plans for her very own fashion house

Olivia Palermo always seems to have a handy styling trick up her sleeve. Whether it's wearing a belt in an ingenious way, or turning a midi skirt into a strapless dress, the 28-year-old knows how to give an outfit an interesting edge.

And, luckily for us, the fashion icon is full of useful fashion tips that she's ready and willing to share. Speaking to Net-a-Porter's The Edit, Ms Palermo revealed some of her most effective styling tips that she uses regularly.

'Take a razor blade to a sweater if it's bobbling - it takes the balls off,' Olivia said.

'Double-sided tape is also one of my favourites - if you're out and your hem rips then you can do a little fix to it. Keep some long thread with you - it's really good in case a necklace breaks. Oh, and if you want to roll your sleeves up and they won't stay, push them up with very thin hair elastics.'

Done and done. Ms Palermo also confirmed in her interview something we already suspected – that she has a hefty collection of belts.

'I have endless skinny belts,' Olivia admitted. 'My favourite ones are from Whistles and Reiss, actually. There is always a place for a big belt, but sometimes when you’re layering pieces you need to hide the belt and a skinny one does just that.'

And perhaps Olivia will put all of this styling know-how to use in her own collections one day, as she hinted that she would one like to open her own fashion house, just not right away.

'I would love to start my own [fashion] house but it's not the right time,' she said. 'I feel like I can do it in stages and when the timing is right to do it, then I will.'

Look out for the House of Palermo - it might not be very far away. And in the meantime, we'll continue to listen to Ms P's excellent style advice.

By Olivia Marks

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