Olivia Palermo Had A Run-In With A Sandstorm And The Result Is Hilarious

Olivia Palermo Had A Run-In With A Sandstorm And The Result Is Hilarious

Sandstorms, 1. Olivia Palermo, 0.

Olivia Palermo is one of the most-loved style mavens out there so it comes as no surprise that every brand is desperate to get her to front their campaigns.

From her hot collabs with the likes of Aspinal of London and Aquazzura to her most recent role as the creative director of Ciate, there appears to be no stopping OP's 2015 takeover. Well, except one thing... 

Hitting the deserts of Dubai for a high-profile photo shoot, the 29-year-old icon looked the ultimate babe in a cool khaki shirt dress cinched in at the waist with a metallic belt, an oversized canvas bag with luxe tan leather trim, lashings of gold bangles and a chic wide brim hat in err, camel. 

Posing with a real-life camel to boot, you can just see this shoot ending in disaster and you'd be right; but for all the wrong reasons. 

You can lay off the camel because it wasn't him who mucked up the shot — it was those pesky sandstorms that, you know, tend to go down in the desert regardless of whether or not a photoshoot is in progress.

The wind got so bad that they kept blowing OP's statement hat (and her perfectly styled hair) all over the place until this very well-timed snap caught her hat slapping her in the face. 

Seeing the funny side to it all, Olivia decided to share the hilarious pic with her 2 million-strong following on Instagram with the caption: 'Having a little bit of trouble with my floppy hat last week in Dubai!!#thebattleofsandstorms#fashionmalfunction.'

Usually perfectly polished with no hair out of place, we have to admit we LOVE seeing Olivia suffer a fashion faux pas. In the nicest way possible, obviously...

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