Olivia Inge talks to InStyle

Olivia Inge talks to InStyle

InStyle met up with Olivia Inge to chat model secrets, beauty tips and style advice, and to find out about her new role as the ambassador for The Body Shop fragrance, White Musk Libertine

To celebrate 30 years of The Body Shop’s White Musk scent, model-turned-beauty guru Olivia Inge has been announced as the ambassador for the scintillating scent’s re-launched fragrance, White Musk Libertine. We caught up with Olivia to talk about her new role with The Body Shop, as well as to find out her beauty and style tips and to recall her favourite fashion moments...

You are the ambassador for The Body Shop White Musk Libertine fragrance. What is a Libertine in your mind?

A modern Libertine is someone who enjoys life to the max and is enthused with a positive attitude. A creative thinker and player, a modern libertine races though life on a roller coaster adventure.

What is it about the new White Musk Libertine that you love?

White Musk Libertine is a great update on the classic cruelty-free musk fragrance The Body Shop brought out 30 years ago. It is a long-lasting, captivating scent which changes beautifully and subtly as the day slips into night.

How would you describe the fragrance in three words?

Sweet, strong and mischievous.

What is it that drew you to working with The Body Shop?

I have been a fan of The Body Shop for years, not only of their products, but of their working philosophy. Anita Roddick pioneered responsible business leadership, and it’s great to see her projects and ideas are being expertly managed by the team that is there now. I was thrilled to be asked to be the White Musk Libertine ambassador, it meant more to me because it wasn't just about being a pretty(ish) face, but because they wanted someone who embodied the character behind the inspiration.

Do youhave a favourite The Body Shop product?

The Body Shop Mango Body Butter and Wild Rose Hand Cream are my must-haves.

You're also an ambassador for online beauty shop Cult Beauty. What inspired your move from fashion to beauty?

It is a rather natural progression as the two worlds go hand in hand. It made a lot of sense to help out in any way I could with my sister’s business and it has meant that I keep my finger on the pulse in both worlds, as I have not left fashion, I don't think I could. When it’s good, it is exhilarating. My soul wouldn't survive an office job, I much prefer the thrill of the creative world.

Do you have a skin care regime? Are you strict about the products you use?

I'm always prepared to trial new types of products, but one that I always choose is a soothing, protective moisturiser with rosehip oil. My skin type is "thirsty" and this combination seems to sort it right out. I do a face mask once a week which leaves my skin as soft as a baby's bottom! I also use a cleanser in the shower every morning. Good walks in the country and good company all help enormously for tip top skin.

What's your best beauty advice?

Do your research before aligning yourself to a product. I love reading the product descriptions my sister writes for each product on Cult beauty's site. She tells you everything you need to know in an often hilarious nutshell. There are many products out there that do not do what they proclaim, it drives me mad that these people prey on our insecurities all in the name of profit- margins.


And what about your style – do you have a day-to-day style?

Day-to-day I am all about comfort. At night I bring out the jazz.

Are you mainly a high street or designer girl?

I do not discriminate against either. I would say that it is always worth saving up for an important designer piece because they last so much longer than some of the high street fashion brands where quality is not at the forefront when manufacturing. I love vintage, they knew how to sew a seam and button in those days.

Who would be your go-to designer?

Alberta Ferreti for exquisite girly dresses, Westwood for short-skirting the party!!

What would be your key style tip?

Dress up and play with different styles. It’s so much more fun and every now and again, you'll surprise yourself with an outfit that is quite magical.

You've worked with some industry greats – What's your best career memory so far?

I loved working with Lee McQueen. He made the rather mundane work of being the "fit-girl" into a priceless lesson in couture, scattered with hilarious accounts of industry big-wigs. He had a wicked sense of humour and a kind heart in amongst some graveyard souls. I loved him and miss him even though he still owes me £20 from a bet.

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By Sarah Smith

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