Ohh, Brangelina! Stop Making Us Want Your Life...

Ohh, Brangelina! Stop Making Us Want Your Life...

Watch Angelina Jolie & Brat Pitt play fight in bed. Yes, really!

Let’s be honest. If there’s one celebrity couple that gives us serious life envy time and time again, it’s the Jolie-Pitts. From their glamorous day jobs, to their breathtaking good looks and not forgetting their seriously beautiful children, their lifestyles often want to make us weep – especially when you factor in that they’re also good people who often collaborate with the UN on a number of humanitarian causes. We simply can’t keep up.

However their private lives are often shrouded in mystery and we don’t always get to see as much on their day-to-day do’s as we would like. Until now that is. Get ready for the ultimate Friday afternoon delight!

Providing a fantastic insight into the ultimate lifestyle porn, the handsome couple have released a video on YouTube for their latest husband-and-wife venture. A teaser clip for their latest movie, By The Sea, which is written, directed and co-stars Angelina alongside Brad Pitt. Besides the obvious movie promo, what we really loved about the behind-the-scenes trailer was that it gave a glimpse of a totally alternative version of their chaotic, picturesque and frankly too-good-to-be-true lives in advance of its November release.

Featuring gloriously sexy drunken romps compete with matching outfits, huge hair and long fake eyelashes (plus an obligatory trip to a seaside village in France) the sneak peak of the new movie have made us imagine a completely new life for the couple and the life they lead behind closed doors. So much so that we proudly present the 5 on-screen things we secretly wish were true about the Jolie-Pitts. You’re welcome.

(Make sure you also scroll below for the full video of the married couples seaside antics. It’s totally worth it.


1) That Angelina Jolie is the queen of multitasking. She can smoke a fag and apply lipstick. All at the same time.


2) That their daughter, 9-year-old Shiloh, really does wake her sleeping father from his naps with a slingshot! Eat your heart out Bart Simpson.


3) Glitz and glamour aside, that nothing is sexier for the couple than pulling funny faces at each other in bed. Risqué! 


4) That Brad would never really win a play fight against Angelina. She fights dirty!  


5) However we're assuming Brad will always still be there to give a post-fight make up cuddle. N'aww



So there you have it. Your world will never be the same again.

Check out the full video below:

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