Oh No! Is Jamie Dornan Pulling Out Of The Fifty Shades Of Grey Sequels?

Oh No! Is Jamie Dornan Pulling Out Of The Fifty Shades Of Grey Sequels?

It looks like Sam Taylor-Johnson isn't the only one looking to bow out of Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed...

Fifty Shades of Grey fans the world over are waking up to the news that Jamie Dornan is reportedly pulling out of the Fifty Shades of Grey sequels and if the rumours are anything to go by, it could be because of the affect it's having on his home life — and some issues with his on-screen lover Dakota Johnson. Say it ain't so!

After breaking countless box-office records after its Valentine's Day release, the movie is still doing ridiculously well at cinemas and is grossing a jaw-dropping amount of cash by the minute. However, it looks like a massive pay-cheque isn't enough to tempt Jamie back into the Red Room of Pain. 

Breaking the news was Australian mag NW, who have reported: 'Jamie said the movie would skyrocket his career. He tried to assure Amelia [his wife and mother of his newborn baby] nothing would change but women all over the world now lust after Jamie. She hasn't seen the film and I don't think she will to be honest.'

To be fair we wouldn't exactly want to see the man we love do the nasty with another girl even if it was all pretend either...

The article goes on to highlight the claims (and there have been many) that Jamie found it hard to work with Dakota Johnson — who plays Anastasia Steele in the film — due to their distinct lack of chemistry. 

'Jamie does not think his performance was bad — instead he blames Dakota and says it wasn't possible to have chemistry with her. He says Dakota gave him nothing to work with.'

The claws are all coming out now, huh? 

This devastating news comes just after it was suggested that the film's director Sam Taylor-Johnson would also be taking a step back from the sequels due to her on-going conflicts with the book's writer E.L. James. 

While we're GUTTED at this news, we can't help but wonder, if the rumours turn out to be true, who will slip into Christian Grey's unbuttoned jeans. And would they start over with a new Ana to boot? Who knows... 

As soon as we have some concrete info or a statement from Jamie, we'll let you know. In the meantime, you might want to keep your fingers — and floggers — crossed.

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