All The Ladies! Sandra Bullock To Head Up A Gender-Swapped Ocean's Eleven

All The Ladies! Sandra Bullock To Head Up A Gender-Swapped Ocean's Eleven

In what we're predicting might soon become a trend, Ocean's Eleven is being re-made with a cast of [mostly] women only. Here come the girls...

Ever heard the saying, ‘One’s a fluke, two’s a coincidence whilst three’s a trend?’ If the latter is true, we’re on the verge of a refreshing new movement in cinema that could signal the start of female actresses – and not just those under the age of 30 – being exposed to the kind of parts once reserved exclusively for the men folk. Why? As filming has wrapped on what will perhaps always be known as ‘the all female Ghostbusters' – with a predominantly female cast, including Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig and Sigourney Weaver, it also stars Chris Hemsworth and poltergeist-punishing, phantom-following original Bill Murray – it’s just been announced that Ocean’s Eleven is getting a reboot. But, this time, with an ALL female cast in the starring roles.

The original Ocean’s Eleven (2001) grossed a whopping $450 million and led to two sequels. Focusing on a rouge group of sophisticated crooks, headed up by former inmate Danny Ocean, they execute three similar robberies at three separate grand casinos, which will collectively net them a cool £150,000,000. Whilst Sandra Bullock has already been announced as being on board [and our money is on her playing the boss-woman, much like George Clooney took the title role in the original male-led franchise] other casting decisions, for the time being at least, haven’t been confirmed. Still, before we get to our choices of who we’d like to see hired for the main roles, you might want to have a think about putting some money down on more female-led remakes of popular franchises being announced soon…

Our Ocean’s wish list:

The gal version of Rusty Ryan [AKA Brad Pitt:]

JENNIFER LAWRENCE. Like Pitt back in 2001, Lawrence is currently one of Hollywood’s most bankable stars and is sexy and funny in equal measure.

The gal version of Linus Caldwell [AKA Matt Damon:]

SAOIRSE RONAN. This role needs someone who can pull of being geeky and seemingly niave. The 21-year-old Irish/American – on the brink of the big time  - is perfect.

Terry Benedict [AKA Andy Garcia:]

STEPHANIE SIGMAN. Whilst we don’t like to typecast, Sigman wowed us the exotic villainess in Netflix’s hit drug smuggling drama Narcos. For us, she's the perfect bad girl….

And as for the love interest?

The male version of Tess Ocean [AKA Julia Roberts:]

LEONARDO DI CAPRIO. Whilst we hate to admit it, an all-female heist movie probably still needs the pull of a major Hollywood MALE star. That way, it won’t get flagged up as ‘female-only’ entertainment (and is more likely to make the box-office sing.) DiCaprio is that rare star who appeals to both women and men alike (and has proved he can easily play the con-artist in Catch Me Whilst You Can.)

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