Niomi Smart: Most Inspirational Lifestyle YouTuber

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From health to homeware hauls, Niomi Smart is giving us serious #lifestyle goals. Here's what happened when she shot with Rankin for our Project 13 awards

Niomi Smart

AWARD: Most Inspirational Lifestyle YouTuber

‘It’s real McQueen,’ says Niomi a little sheepishly about the light, skull-print scarf she’s arrived at the studio in. Sweet is the only possible way to describe the petite vlogger, whose star has rocketed since she started making fashion and lifestyle videos in early 2014, which see her padding around the spacious home she shares with boyfriend and fellow YouTuber Marcus Butler, whizzing up chia-seed smoothies and dispensing beauty tips. The pair used to live in the unofficial vlogging Mecca of Brighton, where they got mobbed. ‘I couldn’t really go into town on a Saturday,’ she laughs. ‘London is, ironically, a little bit more chilled.’ Once, when they went on a secret video-free holiday to Amsterdam, they woke up to find 20 people camped outside their window. How did they find them? ‘Someone recognised a chair in the hotel we had Instagrammed.’ Eat your heart out Brangelina.

Portraits By Rankin

Portrait by Rankin


AGE:  23


LAWLESS: Niomi broke into the vlog scene pretty late in the game, starting her own channel in March 2014. After graduating from a Law degree, Niomi needed something to channel her energy into, and inspired by vlogger boyfriend Marcus Butler (3.9 million followers, by the way), started up her own channel.

NARCUS: One of YouTube’s hottest power couples, Niomi’s popularity was already boosted by appearing in Marcus’ videos. Niomi also managed to skip the embarrassing first video stage, kicking off with a high quality camera and wish-list inducing hauls. After two months, she already had 400k subscribers – that’s over 6k a day. Niomi now stands tall at 1.3 million subs (that’s subscribers for YouTube addicts).

HEALTHY: Niomi loves fashion and beauty (we love her Favourite High Street Stores, this girl understands our Zara addiction), but her real passion is health and fitness. Whether she’s spilling what she eats in a day, how to bake healthy banana bread or showing us all the delicious cooking goodies she got for Christmas, Niomi is all about a healthy mind and healthy body – here’s your new gym motivation.

YES SHE CANNES: Niomi’s YouTube career has been pretty amazing, but the best thing so far? Niomi was whisked away to Cannes by L’Oreal Paris, walking the film festival red carpet in a Julien Macdonald gown. Talk about glam! Lucky Niomi was also taken on a surprise trip to Amsterdam by Marcus for her birthday, and recently went to Wilderness festival.

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