Nicole Scherzinger's Badass Secret Talent Is Hunger Games-Worthy

Nicole Scherzinger's Badass Secret Talent Is Hunger Games-Worthy

Nicole Scherzinger is a woman of many talents but we never, ever, EVER thought we'd see her do this...

Nicole Scherzinger may have started out as the lead member of the Pussycat Dolls, dancing and singing her way to stardom but in recent years she's showed us that there's way more to her skill set than her girl-band days would suggest. 

Earlier this year the 36-year-old star conquered the stage, starring as Grizabella in the revival of hit musical Cats — a role that earned her a nomination at the Olivier Awards 2015 — and before that she's also turned her hand to designing her own clothing line and has loaned her star status to help promote countless causes. 

However, we never knew she was *this* talented... 

If you didn't already know, she currently taking part in the US TV show I Can Do That which sees her, and a host of other celebs, take on challenges to see who can do them best. Pitted against each other on a weekly basis, their tasks have seen them do everything from aerial gymnastics to cooking. And it's fair to say that Nicole totally won at this weeks endeavour. 

Tasked with shooting a crossbow at a target, the challenge was to hit the apple in the bulls-eye. And well, watch the clip that she posted to her Instagram below and you'll see just how Nic got on...

Yeah... I can do that 💪💁🎯💋 @nbcicandothat #ICanDoThat

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Not content with hitting the apple dead on, Nicole decided to up the ante and fall into the splits before taking aim and firing. Yep, we definitely couldn't do that. 

As far as secret talents go, you've got to admit that Nicole's is pretty badass. Who knew that she was such a pro with a bow? She needs to put those skills to good use and get in on the next Hunger Games film. Oh, wait...

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