Is Nicole Scherzinger About To Land TV's Hottest Job?

Is Nicole Scherzinger About To Land TV's Hottest Job?

Nicole Scherzinger is the front-runner to fill the vacant judging position on The Voice, which we couldn't be happier about. Here's why she'd be shamazing (sorry) at it...

After her stint in the West End and splitting with her F1 racing driver ex Lewis Hamilton, Nicole Scherzinger proclaimed that there was nothing left for her here in the UK. After packing her bags and heading back to the USA to appear in a string of hit TV shows, it looked like the starlet had relocated for good.

However, if the reports are to be believed, it looks like the 38-year-old former Pussycat Doll could be making a return to our TV screens very soon...

After it was confirmed that songstress Rita Ora packed in her judging role on BBC's The Voice to star in this year's X Factor series, rumours started to swirl on just who would step into her place. Several famous names, including Paloma Faith, have been thrown into the mix but none have materialised as of yet. But, in a shock turn of events, it has now been claimed that former X Factor judge Nicole could be playing swapsies with Rita, taking her place on the show. Which we, for one, think is a BRILLIANT idea. 

Nicole featured on two seasons of the X Factor and was a firm favourite with fans of the show during her time there. And now that enough time has passed since her departure, sources have claimed that the bigwigs behind The Voice are super keen to have her on-board, including one of the very famous judges.

Nicole has been close to the programme's current judge for years, and he's said to be 'lobbying hard for her to join the panel'. Can you imagine the banter these two would have across the seats? That's stellar TV right there...

While she's still holed up Stateside, it's been said that she's set to take a trip back to the UK in the next couple of weeks to talk things through in more depth with the bosses at the BBC. So, if you see her landing in Heathrow or dining out in fancy London restaurants in the next few days, you'll know what's up.

As these things always tend to go, neither party has confirmed whether there's truth to the reports — only time (and Nicole's geographical whereabouts) will tell. However, in case the show's producers are in any doubt, here's why we think Nicole NEEDS to be made a judge on The Voice, by any means necessary: 

  1. She's got this live television thing down, which makes for squirm-free viewing for the rest of us
  2. Her outfits are always on point 
  3. She's HILARIOUS, and won't put up with any crap from her fellow judges
  4. You know she's gonna flirt with Tom Jones. Wouldn't we all?
  5. She's super caring, so everyone is going to want to be on her team
  6. One word: SHAMAZING

We're totally on-board with this. The big question is, is Nicole? We'll keep you posted...

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