Nicole Scherzinger Talks X Factor Styling Nightmares... Exclusively With InStyle

Nicole Scherzinger Talks X Factor Styling Nightmares... Exclusively With InStyle

Nicole takes us behind-the-scenes in the X Factor styling suite...

Nicole Scherzinger has opened up exclusively to InStyle about exactly what goes on in that X Factor styling suite, with the singer revealing that she doesn't always agree with the stylist's decisions...

'Frank Strachan is a stylist on the show and he actually used to be one of my stylists so I trust him and I know that my girls are in very good hands', Nicole told us about the ITV show's prestigious backstage fash-team.

'He basically gets an idea together and then I look at it, then at the last minute I’ll change it to another look'.

So has our style-savvy Nicole ever felt compelled to step in and re-design any of the girls' looks entirely? 'Yes!', the former Pussycat Doll spilled to us.

'The other week with Hannah’s gold dress for example - I told Frank that if we had the time to do it all over again I wouldn’t do the gold lamé. I would have put her in the same cut of dress but in a champagne-coloured silk chiffon material instead, so that it looked a little bit softer, richer and more angelic.' 

Nicole continued: 'I also had to make some last minute changes to that outfit, so I took off some of Hannah's jewellery, changed her belt and made everything a little bit more subdued.' 

'I do the same with Tamera as well – I’ll add things or take them away. It’s the same for their hair and make-up. I’m very detail-orientated when it comes to their looks. I trust our team and they give me what they have in mind but then I’ll work from there.'

With last remaining girl Tamera now having been voted off the show (sob), the 35-year-old judge's focus can now go solely on styling-up her sch-amazing on-stage ensembles.

And we'lll be bringing you them every week straight from her dressing room with our exclusive X Factor Style Diary... Don't miss it!

By Robyn Munson

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