Nicole Scherzinger and her famous beach body

Nicole Scherzinger and her famous beach body

Nicole Scherzinger is known for her thriving music career, first and foremost, but it's hard not to notice (and be wowed by) her seriously impressive figure. We caught up with the singer to find out how she stays in such good shape...

What are your tips for toning up for summer?

Cardio is great as it burns fat and tones all over, but I’d say focus on the squats and really put the weight in the back of those heels. Also, get a good exercise ball to do your abs on and suck in your stomach. A lot of people push their stomach out when they do their abs.

What are your fridge essentials?

I make sure I have the basics in my fridge so eggs, almond milk, arugala, cherry tomatoes, parmesan, baby swiss, cheddar, brie and lots of condiments.

Do you have any other guilty pleasures?

I love my Muller De Luxe Vanille D’or because. It has golden chocolate balls and toffee in the yogurt! I also love my pasta and cheeses, and I really like red velvet cheesecake and Kettle Chips.

Nicole Scherzinger doing yoga on a beach

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