So Nicole Scherzinger Has Learned Some Very British Slang...

So Nicole Scherzinger Has Learned Some Very British Slang...

The singer loves spending time in London.

Nicole Scherzinger appears to be a bit of an Anglophile.

The singer swapped the States for the UK towards the end of last year and really seems to love doing very British things in her spare time. 

Nicole - who made the move across the pond when she was playing as Grizabella in Cats - has been sharing lots of fun photos of her life over here on Instagram. 

The 37-year-old wasn't remotely fussed when a strike across the Tube networks caused chaos among commuters in the capital.

Nicole found another way to travel which was, of course, totally chic.  


'#WhoNeedsTheTubeWhenYouGotACarriage #TubeStrikes,' she captioned a shot of herself at Hampton Court Palace. 

'#London #Sunshine #BlueSkies.'

The Pussycat Doll is seen relaxing with her white pointy heel-clad feet up in the back of a plush coach.

Thanks for the tip, Nicole. We'll  be sure to channel our inner royal next time we're stuck for transport on the way to work...

Nicole's next noteable outing came just a few days later when she stepped out to watch a sport that's very popular among members of Britain's elite. 

'Country life and polo at the Tiffany Royal Charity Polo Cup this week. #Royals #Polo #Countryside,' she wrote alongside a shot of horses on the field.

Nicole followed this with a photograph of herself in a golf cart with Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber, the composer of the West End show she starred in.

And judging her post yesterday, Nicole seems to have even picked up a slang term defining someone who enjoys a beverage.

The pretty brunette was snapped sipping on a drink in what appears to be a pub and quipped: 'Who you callin' a boozer.' 



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