Nicole Scherzinger Celebrates Her Birthday/Ends Up Twerking – Just Like Us!

Nicole Scherzinger Celebrates Her Birthday/Ends Up Twerking – Just Like Us!

Nicole Scherzinger celebrated her birthday with her girlfriends and one very hot footballer...

She broke up with boyfriend Lewis Hamilton in February of this year, and if her holiday in Mykonos is anything to go by, Nicole Scherzinger appears to be doing just fine. With pals Caroline Stanbury (a star on the reality TV show Ladies of London and a friend of Prince Andrew) photographer Marina Vernicos and Sydney Coelho (her cousin from Hawaii) she’s been celebrating her 37th birthday by indulging in a LOT of harmless fun.

On Sunday night, the glamorous gals hit Mykonos central looking cool, calm and collected, Nicole in a chic long sleeved sequinned mini dress.

But as the night progressed – and clearly took a turn to being an extremely jolly one indeed – it was a case of them showing that, when a birthday is to be celebrated, well, they’re just like you and me. There was some crazy dancing to be had and, on the eve of the word making it into the Oxford Dictionary, several ‘twerking’ moves. See? Just like us!

At the end of the night, Nicole proved her superstar status, however, by getting CARRIED home by hunky Albanian footballer Pajtim Kasami, seen her with Nicole’s cousin Sydney Coelho:

Sadly, we can’t top that. The next morning, Nicole was still clearly in fine spirits. She took to Instagram to show how much she was still very much digging the Mykonos scene.

She wrote: “ #Mykonos...I couldn't imagine a better birthday view to wake too...actually haven't slept. Don't want to miss a second of this day. Not a moment. #stillness Reflecting...where does the time go? Thru it all, I'm so full of #love and #gratitude. Thank you to all my family, loved ones, friends and fans for believing in me. Just loving and accepting me for who I am. I love you back. I'm carrying you with me today on my #birthday. From #myheart to yours all my love...”

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