NEW PICS: Kylie Minogue sizzles in new wet-look swimwear photo shoot

NEW PICS: Kylie Minogue sizzles in new wet-look swimwear photo shoot
Simon Emmett/BlackBook

Kylie Minogue proves she's still got it in hot new BlackBook swimwear photo shoot

Kylie Minogue looks sexier than ever in her brand new wet-look photo shoot for BlackBook magazine.

The 42-year-old posed in a series of stunning cutaway swimsuits as she chatted about her latest album Aphrodite, happiness, and her movie ambitions.


She said: 'Aphrodite is the goddess of love, and as far as the music goes, there’s a feeling of euphoria on this one.

'Am I happy right now? What’s happy? I have moments of happiness and sometimes they’re even strung together, but I definitely have dark moments, too.

'Thankfully, those don’t last very long. I can go down very quickly, but I won’t stay there.'

Although she's most famous for her singing career, Kylie shot to fame in Aussie soap Neighbours, and still harbours ambitions for a career in films, saying: 'The mid 90s were a bad patch, but show me an actor who hasn’t done a few bad jobs.

'I have a deep desire to challenge myself with that again.

'As a ‘pop star,’ I’ve created this world for myself, and it becomes very natural to stay inside of it, but I’d love to do some independent films.

'It’s still very early, but I’m in the process of choosing between specific parts. We're sure whatever Kylie sets her mind on, she'll achieve - so we'll look forward to seeing her on the big screen soon!

By Ruth Doherty


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