NEW Desperate Housewives on-set pics

NEW Desperate Housewives on-set pics

Eva Longoria sets eyes popping in sexy dress in new Desperate Housewives on-set photos

Eva Longoria and Teri Hatcher were spotted on location in Toluca Lake yesterday filming new scenes for their hit show, Desperate Housewives.

And Eva Longoria set pulses racing when she accidentally dropped a dollar bill and bent over to pick it up, causing the tattoo-clad extra's eyes to come hurtling out of his head.

And we can see why - Eva looked super-hot in a clingy bandage skirt and glittery gold top.


In between takes, the actress chatted away happily to her co-star Teri Hatcher, who sat in the wings looking on.

Glam as ever - and we're loving the new series! Keep it up, ladies.

By Ruth Doherty

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