New band alert: InStyle meets the Icky Blossoms

New band alert: InStyle meets the Icky Blossoms
Icky Blossoms

We talk to Sarah Bohing of the Icky Blossoms about electronic creatures, thrift shop style and making it in the music industry

Loved the music from our Zoe Saldana behind the scenes video? Then say hello to our latest electro-folk obsession – the Icky Blossoms. The first album from the freshly signed Nebraskan trio is out on the 3 June 2013, but getting their big break in the music industry hasn’t been an overnight fairytale. Barista-stroke-band-member Sarah Bohing tells us all about the ride… on her 20 minute tea break.

Where are you right now?

I’m just on my break – I still work as a barista at Starbucks even though we’ve just been signed. They’re really understanding of the position I’m in and let me pick my shifts around gigs!

How did the Icky Blossoms form?

The members are me, Derek and Nick, but we always invite so many people on stage when we play. Derek heard this folk demo that I did with his friend and invited me to band practise. As soon as we started playing together it was so much fun and it just made sense. We actually stole our name from a local one-time band who never played again. We did ask them for it, but I think they’re a little mad now that we’ve been signed! 

Tell us your signing story…

In my mind when you start a band you have to really struggle and play to no one for a long time before anyone takes any interest. But we were offered a record deal after our third show together. I still don’t even know how that happened!

You describe your sound as an “amorphous musical creature with an electronic spine” – what does that mean?

We like to throw different genres on top of a beat, we really haven’t pigeonholed ourselves as ‘electronic’ or ‘pop’. We actually made a lot of our first demos in a blizzard when we were holed-up in Nick’s room. The weather in Omaha is crazy. Today it’s eighty degrees and last week it was snowing!

Do you have a message?

We talk about self-expression, being a freak, and just exuding creative energy. I think fashion shows are about that too a lot of the time. It would be awesome if a designer like dSquared took inspiration from our music or used it at their runway show.

Is fashion important to you?

I don’t really own any heels, I’m obsessed with combat boots and then I throw on dresses with them to go on stage. Being in ‘the blossoms’ I do have some florals – but they’re more like punk tropical florals. 

Does your DIY ethos filter into your personal style?  

I’m really into DIY styling because I don’t have that much money. I usually go to thrift stores, buy something interesting and then cut it up and do something completely different with it. Derek and Nick are shop in the plus-sized women’s blouse section for all their clothes. Their favourite designer is Liz Claiborne! My favourite thing in my wardrobe is actually something Derek gave to me. It’s an oversized silk blouse but he cut off the sleeves so it’s fraying and I wear it backwards.

And finally, what does that success mean to you?

I’ll be successful if I can quit my job at Starbucks! I don’t think success can be measured by the amount of money you earn, but it would be great to not have to worry about paying when our van breaks down. Hopefully we’ll be able to hop the pond too one day - we want to come to the UK and hold the royal baby!

Hear the Icky Blossoms on our Zoe Saldana behind the scenes video.

The Icky Blossom’s self-titled album is out 3 June 2013 through Saddle Creek Records.

By Caroline Leaper

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